Focal Integration IBUS 2.0 Plug & Play Subwoofer


Active Enclosure with 8” subwoofer plug & play ultra-thin design that fit discretely under a car seat or trunk.

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The subwoofer’s robustness comes from its compact chassis, and thanks to its ultra-thin design, it fits discretely under a car seat or in the trunk. What’s more, the remote helps you to stay in full control of the subwoofer. Its other strengths are the low-pass crossover and phase adjustment, which enable you to fine-tune your subwoofer to ensure perfect harmony with your audio system.

  • Ready to use (Plug & Play ISO cables supplied)
  • Easy integration in the trunk or under a seat
  • High and low level inputs
  • Intensifies the bass frequencies of your audio system
  • Remote control
  • Easy to use


  • Type: Active enclosure with 20cm (8”) subwoofer
  • Max. power: 150W
  • Nom. power: 75W
  • Frequency response: 45Hz – 150Hz
  • Height: 71.5mm (2.8”)
  • Length: 344mm (13.5”)
  • Width: 250mm (9,8”)