Match UP W8 MB-S4 RHD Subwoofer


Match UP W8 MB-S4 RHD car-specific subwoofer for deep and punchy bass for various Merc Model.

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*Price stated is for a pair

2 X 8″ Subwoofer for Mercedes vehicle

Premium cars deserve premium sound – and this includes a deep and punchy bass reproduction which the basic speaker setup in Mercedes vehicles doesn’t deliver at all. However, the perfect solution is quite simple – the heavy-duty 8” / 200 mm woofers of the UP W8MB-S4 system fit perfectly into the original mounting positions in the bulkhead and provide exactly the right punch that you can feel and which brings music to life.


  • Optimized sound characteristics for Mercedes vehicles for a spectacular sound in combination with significantly increased power handling
  • Exclusively developed baskets and car-specific connectors for Mercedes vehicles for easiest installation
  • Right hand drive version