Quartorigo Grandioso Opus CF40M 4″ Midrange Speaker


High Quality 4″ Midrange Speaker With Superb Performance; Accuracy, Articulation and Speed.


Grandioso, a name befitting Sinfoni | Quartorigo’s passion for perfection; a speaker system that was finalized and perfected using what are arguably the finest, most pure mobile amplifiers in the world, La Prima. The Grandioso Opus speaker system was in development for over four year and this dedication to perfection is evident in Grandioso Opus’ superb performance; accuracy, articulation and speed are immediate and result in a highly enjoyable and thrilling speaker system. While there are many fine speaker systems the stellar performance of Gransioso Opus allows them to sit alone in a special top level catagory with the Sinfoni | Quartorigo La Prima amplifiers. A speaker system designed to take full advantage of the La Prima’s capabilities in reproducing music with incredible clarity, detail and dynamiscim; feeling music, emotion with remarkable realism and enjoyment. High Definition speakers meant to be the Ultimate Statement in music reproduction.  All Sinfoni | Quartorigo products the Grandioso Opus is designed for music lovers.

10cm Midrange
Normal Impedance: 4ohms
Power RMS: 60W
Voice Coil diameter: 25mm
Sensivity: 89dB
Frequency Response: 150Hz – 5.000Hz
Fs: 104Hz