SO Audio 165-2.8 Mid Bass Woofer


6.5″ Midbass Speaker For All 2 & 3 Way Systems For The Reproduction Of Dynamic & Powerful Bass From The Volume Of A Car Door


The perfect midbass speaker for all 2 and 3-way systems. The higher level, due to the 2.8 ohm voice coil, compensates for the level difference that occurs in the vehicle due to the installation position in the doors or footwell. Even in operation without a power amplifier, it is clearly superior to many other chassis, regardless of whether it is factory or aftermarket radios. Developed for the reproduction of dynamic and powerful bass from the volume of a car door.

DC Resistance (R dc)

  • 2.8 ohms

Rated Impedance (Z N)

  • 3.0 ohms

Resonant Frequency (fs)

  • 56 Hz

Mechanical (Q ms)

  • 4.09

Electrical (E ms)

  • 0.65

Overall Quality (Q ts)

  • 0.56

Coil Diameter

  • 25 mm

Coil Width

  • 12 mm

SPL 1W / 1m

  • 88.5 dB

SPL 2.83V / 1m

  • 93 dB